I am a London-based bilingual Danish/English actor and voice-over artist.  My natural accent is RP, and my voice is usually described as  clear, articulate, precise and classy.   Additionally, I have a good conversational command of German and French and a talent for languages and accents generally.  As well as voice-over recording, my international background equips me well to adjust a client script so that the intended message is communicated clearly to a global audience, by replacing any colloquial and culturally-specific wordings that may impede understanding.

I love working with the camera as well as performing on stage, in comedic as well as dramatic and dark roles.  I’m passionate about Shakespeare, in particular, which drew me to study and settle in the UK.   I  also appear regularly as a belly-dancer and present live shows.

Do use the links to explore – my show-reel and voice-reels are below, and there are pages with films and clips and photos, as well as a page for my dancing.

Click to view my Spotlight CV

Stine Olsen Actor Showreel 2018

My Twitter feed
My Instagram


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